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Malaysia is geographically positioned in the heart of Southeast Asia, allowing it to capitalize on the huge Asia-Pacific market. This benefit extends to a company that provides professional services to clients in the region. Depending on the kinds of Malaysia visa services desired, applying for a Malaysia visa might be complicated. The type of visa required for travel to Malaysia depends on the individual’s citizenship and the purpose of their trip. The immigration attorneys and visa agents at Themis Partner can help you pick the most convenient and appropriate visa for your needs, as well as aid you with paperwork preparation and direct application support.

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What is a Malaysia visa?

A Malaysia Visa is issued to foreign persons who are citizens of visa-required countries who seek to enter Malaysia.

Malaysian visas are only valid for travel to Malaysia, where they will be subject to border procedures upon arrival. This implies that a visa does not ensure that you will be able to stay in Malaysia for any reason. The Immigration Officer at the entrance point decides whether or not you may enter Malaysia.

All international visitors will be issued a Pass by the Immigration Officer at the entrance point. Malaysia Passes are an endorsement in your passport that says how long you are permitted to remain in the nation.

Is a visa required for travel to Malaysia?

If you are not from a nation that is exempt from Malaysia visa services, you will need to apply for one before you can visit there.

However, certain nations are permitted to stay in Malaysia for certain periods of time without obtaining a visa. However, if your stay exceeds the visa-free time, you will need to apply for a visa. If you are a citizen of a European Union member state or the United States, you do not need to get a visa if you want to remain in Malaysia for no more than 90 days.

Can a foreigner work in Malaysia?

Malaysia welcomes expats from all over the world to work and live here. Companies here may hire foreigners to fill roles ranging from general laborers to highly qualified professionals, but they must meet specific conditions in compliance with Malaysian immigration legislation. Given the variety of local and foreign-owned businesses in Malaysia, there are numerous employment possibilities available for both locals and smart and skilled foreigners.

What are the different types of visa for Malaysia?

1. Single Entry Visa

A single entry visa that is valid for three months from the date of issuing. Typically used for social visits. If you intend to stay in Malaysia longer than the duration of your Pass, you must leave the country and apply for the proper Malaysian Visa/Pass.

2. Multiple Entry Visa

This visa is granted to foreign citizens who need a visa to enter Malaysia for business or government-to-government purposes. It is typically valid for three months to twelve months from the date of issuing. The Multiple Entry Visa is valid for one year. Each entry is valid for 30 days and no extensions are permitted.
The following conditions apply to the Multiple Entry Visa:

➤ The candidate must demonstrate sufficient money to stay in Malaysia.
➤ The candidate must have a confirmed and valid return ticket.
➤ Multiple entry visas are not available to tour groups.

3. Transit Visa

This is given to foreign people who need a visa to enter Malaysia on their way to another country. Foreign nationals in transit who do not leave the airport and continue their travel to their next destination on the same flight do not need a transit visa.

What are the Malaysia visa application steps?

1. Look for a Malaysian Representative Office
You must first determine whether your nation has a Malaysian Representative Office or a visa application facility, and then locate the one that is closest to you.

2. Get the application form here
Before submitting a Malaysia visa application, you must first obtain the Malaysia Visa application form from the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s website and complete it online. You must print and sign two copies.

3. Complete the documents
When applying for Malaysia visa services, you must provide numerous supporting papers, including:

➤ Duplicate Malaysia visa application form
➤ Passport
➤ A copy of your flight itinerary, as well as a confirmed return ticket
➤ Proof of lodging in Malaysia
➤ Include an invitation letter if you are staying with friends or relatives
➤ Bank statements over the last three months

4. Allow time for processing
You may be able to follow the status of your application online, depending on your nation and the area where you are applying. If you apply online (eVisa), the process should not take more than 100 hours, or four days.

Your visa should be completed within 48 to 72 hours if you apply through eNTRI.
If you apply by hand, the processing time is determined by the office that receives your application. Nonetheless, the Malaysia visa is usually processed within 7-8 working days.

What are the Malaysia entry requirements?

After arriving in Malaysia, you must meet the following conditions to enter:

➤ You must have a valid passport
➤ If you are from a visa-required nation, you must have a visa
➤ You must provide proof of adequate finances
➤ You must have a return ticket or an onward ticket
➤ At the Malaysian entrance point, you must fill out the Arrival/Departure Card
➤ If you are going for a lengthy period of time (for job, study, or to visit a family member), you must have the appropriate Pass (Employment Pass, Student Pass, etc.) acquired from Malaysia's Immigration Department
➤ If relevant, you must provide proof of sponsorship

What is a permanent residence in Malaysia?

A permanent resident is someone who has been granted the indefinite right to dwell in Malaysia. The individual is a foreign national who has been granted the status of permanent resident in Malaysia. This implies no more Visa renewals and fewer restrictions as a temporary resident. Being a permanent resident in Malaysia entitles you to the same benefits as a Malaysian citizen, but you do not hold Malaysian citizenship.

Instead, you retain your citizenship from your native nation. The most important thing to remember is that, unlike citizens, permanent residents are expressly barred from participating in any political action. This includes, among other things, the inability to vote in elections.

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