Financial statements, tax filing, and management reports while helping receive reliefs and exemptions.

Employment contract

Hire a new employee and define your requirements and the benefits you offer.

Employment termination letter

Inform an employee that he has been fired and explain the compensation to be received.

Employee warning letter

State the unacceptable attendance, behavior or performance of an employee.

Minutes of Meeting

Keep all important resolutions at shareholder or board of director meetings.

Power of attorney

Authorize someone to represent you or act on your behalf in legal matter.

Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Protect confidential information and create a confidential relationship.

Shareholders agreement

Describe how the company should be operated and how shareholders are treated.

Trademark registration

Ensure no one else can legally use your business’s logo, brand name, or tagline.

Patent filing

File a patent in Malaysia to obtain legal ownership of your invention.

Copyright registration

Protect works with copyright as literary, software, artistic and musical works, audiovisual materials and more.

Freelance Contract

Download this Freelance Contract to ensure clear expectations, payment terms, and project details for both parties involved in Malaysia.

Car Purchase Contract

Download this Car Purchase Contract for a seamless and legally binding transaction when buying or selling a vehicle in Malaysia.

Memorandum of Understanding

Download this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish clear agreements, expectations and goals between parties in Malaysia.

Business Plan

Download this Business Plan to define your company's vision, strategies, financial projections and operational details in Malaysia.

Supply Agreement

Download this Supply Agreement to outline terms, conditions and obligations for procurement and delivery of goods or services in Malaysia.

Agency Agreement

Download this Agency Agreement to simplify relationship between a principal and agent for representation and collaboration in Malaysia.

Distribution Agreement

Download this Distribution Agreement to ensure clear terms, responsibilities, and rights between a supplier and distributor in Malaysia.

Business Purchase Agreement

Download this Business Purchase Agreement to cover the transfer of assets and liabilities for a seamless transition in Malaysia.

Joint Venture Agreement

Download this Joint Venture Agreement for business collaborations outlining the terms, responsibilities and shared goals in Malaysia.

Profit Sharing Agreement

Download this profit sharing agreement to enable employees or business partners to receive some profits generated by a business in Malaysia.

Remote Working Contract

Download this Remote Working Contract to outline the terms, expectations and responsibilities in a remote work arrangement in Malaysia.

Employee Handbook

Download this Employee Handbook covering company policies, procedures, and important information for employees in Malaysia.

Internship Invitation Letter

Download this Internship Invitation Letter to outline the terms, duration and expectations of the internship program in Malaysia.

Employee Probation Period Termination

Download this Employee probation period termination to end an employee's employment during the probationary period in Malaysia.

Privacy Policy

Download this Privacy Policy to collect, use and protect personal information, ensuring compliance with data protection laws in Malaysia.

Terms and Conditions

Download this Terms and Conditions to lay out the rules, responsibilities, and obligations for using your website/app services in Malaysia.


Download this Disclaimer to clarify the liabilities, disclaimers of warranties and the information from your website or app in Malaysia.

Return and Refund Policy

Download this Return and Refund Policy to outline the procedure for returning products or requesting refunds from website or app in Malaysia.

Cookie Consent

Download this Cookie Consent to enhance user experience, personalize content and analyze traffic while respecting privacy in Malaysia.

Brokerage Agreement

Download this Brokerage Agreement to outline the terms and conditions, scope of services, responsibilities and obligations in Malaysia.

Rental Agency Agreement

Download this Rental Agency Agreement to ensure a professional rental process between the rental agency and property owners in Malaysia.

Child Travel Consent

Download this child travel consent to grant permission for a child ensuring compliance with travel regulations in Malaysia.


Download this Testament to document final wishes and ensure a smooth distribution of assets according to their preferences in Malaysia.

Prenuptial Agreement

Download this Prenuptial Agreement prior to marriage to protect assets and define the terms of potential future separation in Malaysia.

Family law

We offer comprehensive family law services in Malaysia, covering legal issues tailored to protect individuals and families.

eCommerce business

For most of entrepreneurs registering an ecommerce business, being a seller on a well-established ecommerce platform is the best option.

Branch office

Register a branch office to have an extension of an established foreign-based business in Malaysia that can be involved in generating profit.

Representative office

Register a representative office that is usually considered by foreign companies wishing to conduct market research in Malaysia.

Private limited company

Registering a private company with limited responsibility for stockholders is one of the most suggested ways to do business in Malaysia.

Personal data protection

Comply with data regulations and protect yourself from personal information breaches.